Welcome to MerryGOSwing™! We are showcasing a safe, energy-free form of social entertainment, relaxation and recreation. Made in the good old US of A, the MerryGOSwing™ provides hours of endless entertainment for both young and old. Originally designed as an "Adult-sized swing" for "Adult-sized Kids" the original Zen Swing® is a great investment of time, energy, attention and fortune for many. The MerryGOSwing™ came into existence to provide joy and laughter giving children hours of swinging and spinning outdoors alongside Bouncy Castles, Bouncy Slides, or just by itself.


You are welcome to purchase a MerryGOSwing™ to rent to those in your community.

These swings can be customized to announce your presence at festivals
with flags showing your logos and images as a sponsor.


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